An in-depth knowledge of the dynamics in trade. The ability to interpret consumers’ expectations and motivations through acquired experience. The recognition of trends, done internally as well as through international partners. The attitude of establishing long-lasting collaborations, founded on the objectives shared by the company and the company strategies. All of this allows Linea to read the single brief whilst keeping in mind the big picture, holding itself guarantor of the consistency within the brand, although triggering evolution.


Linea ATC’s creative approach is born from the encounter of very particular talents. Thanks to the different backgrounds of our professionals, the agency’s historic expertise in below the line, packaging and B2B communication, integrate well with points of view coming from advertising, digital, and events: a mix of experiences and versatility reflected in our creative solutions, to which Linea Optima’s contribution brings the fundamental added value of real time monitoring of the feasibility of the proposals.


Linea’s digital case histories reflect the group’s ability to address both the consumer and a B2B audience. The social activities are conducted by a team specialized in new media dynamics, listening and crisis management. The creation of web-sites foresees the integration of different competencies (programming, design and SEO copywriting) in support of the usability and searchability. The customized corporate applications, based on open-source software, offer a virtuous balance of scalability, integration within pre-existing company systems, and intuitivity of the interfaces.


Entertainment, multi-sensoriality, socialization... When communication transforms into emotion, the brand experience is enriched by all the benefits of authentic engagement. This holds for both the relationship between the brand and the consumer and for the relationship with the stakeholders within the trade sector. Linea takes care of the conception and the project management of the events to create emotions, offering its clients the integration of its own competencies: from the creation of the concept for the set-up and the coordination of all external suppliers to the logistics.


Procurement partner, marketing friendly. Here is the advantage of choosing Optima as your Print Management Company. To optimize the management of print purchases, increase the operative efficiency and overall efficacy of flows, and improve supplier performance reducing the supply risk. More specifically, Optima supports companies with customized models, guarantees complete transparency in invoicing and transfers its know-how within the company: a set of factors that is already offering considerable savings to those clients who have opted for our expertise.

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